Abbey on Roma

Top 3 things you need to know when you stay at our Brisbane City Apartments

1.Check-in and check-out time

Expect to be welcomed by our friendly staff when you check-in at 14:00 or 2:00pm. Check-out time is scheduled at 10:00am. If you prefer to check-out late, please note that this is conditional and subject to availability.

Checking in after hours is available. An intercom is situated outside the doors of the reception where you will receive instructions from the night service team. For your convenience, do inform us of your expected arrival time.

Late check-out is free at 11:00am, however this is not guaranteed so best to please ask the reception for details.

When you do check-out anytime from 11:00am to 12:00pm, a fee will be incurred that is equivalent to 35% of the rate of the room.

When you check-out anytime from 12:00pm to 13:00pm, a fee will be incurred that is equivalent to 50% of the room rate.

When you check-out anytime from 13:00 to 14:00pm, a fee will be incurred that is equivalent to 80% of the room rate.

Check-out anytime after 14:00pm will generate a fee that is equal to the full nightly rate.

2.You can buy local groceries nearby

We are aware of your need to purchase groceries for your basic needs. Be aware that there is a corner 7eleven nearby that is a mere two minutes away from our Brisbane City Apartments. You can also go to Coles at The Barracks and the smaller Coles at Queen Street Mall.

3.Relax in a stylish and spacious space

Our apartments are all equipped with the facilities you need to experience a leisurely break.

Our one-bedroom standard apartments have an open-plan design as well as private balcony. All have living and dining areas, cable TV, kitchenette, hair dryer, ironing board. All rooms are strictly non-smoking and serviced two times a week, specifically on the 4th and 7th day of your stay.