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When Television is Better than Your Gadgets

Posted in Accommodation @ Oct 28th 2015 3:50pm - By Administrator
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With all the latest technologies and gadgets sprouting everywhere like there’s no tomorrow, the television is somewhat already getting behind. And why wouldn’t it be when gadgets present convenience to everybody? You can bring them anywhere—even wherever you are at home—and you can do multitasking with them such as watching a film, chatting, browsing the social media, searching for information, and a lot more. 
Gadgets are truly amazing, but the sad news is, these little pieces of convenience tear us apart for the people who are most important to us—those who we are with in the same room or area. Because gadgets present us tons of things to do, we oftentimes become too busy with it that we almost forget that there are people who we need to talk to in person. In fact, it almost always happens that we are closer to the people we’re chatting to than the people who we share the same air with every single day. 
So on your trip to Brisbane, why not try to bring back the old days when you and your companions gather in a place with just one thing to do and without the distractions from your gadgets? How about watching a TV program or a film on the television all together?
If you think it’s a great idea, then you can book your stay at Abbey on Roma. Located on Roma Street right at the heart of Brisbane CBD, you’ll be grateful for your stay with us.
Our Brisbane City apartment accommodation has a cable TV which you and your buddies can enjoy anytime you want. If you stay at our apartment, you can invite your buddies to the living area at the end of the day, require them to set aside all their gadgets, turn on the television, and watch all together anything that catch your attention. You can all share your sentiments about that new TV series, movie, or commercial, wait for your favourite TV show on cable, and derive a topic from that program you just watched and discuss the topic amongst yourselves. Don’t you think it’ll be an added point to your wonderful vacation? 


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